Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)

The Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) is one of the three largest and more important Universities in Latin America. Founded 1821 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, it consists of 13 Faculties, 6 hospitals, 10 museums and is linked to 4 high schools. The project will be conducted in the Instituto de Estudios de la Inmunidad Humoral Dr. RA Margni (IDEHU), which is an important Immunology Institute that belongs to UBA and CONICET. It has approximately 35 young and senior researchers, 42 PhD students and 12 technicians. The scientific activities in IDEHU are dedicated to: (i) research, development and validation of vaccines against neglected tropical diseases, including Chagas disease and leishmaniasis; (ii) elucidating the mechanisms of host response to cancer and infection; and (iii) developing integrated technics for detection and diagnostic based in multiplex systems analysed by cytometry and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).

Main roles in project
UBA will be responsible for the experimental work with the mice model and the efficacy of Traspain+CDA vaccine against T. cruzi in both prophylactic and therapeutic settings, with and without benznidazol. UBA will also contribute by providing expertise and technologies in the fields of parasite management, vaccinology and immunology, supervising infection in both dogs and non-human primates and will analyse the affinity of antibodies in preclinical and clinical studies by SPR. In addition, UBA will supervise the health-related quality of life associated with Chagas disease and estimation of the potential demand for Traspain-based vaccine in endemic areas of Argentina.

Contact: Prof. Emilio L. Malchiodi