Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (iBET)

The Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (iBET) is a private non-profit institution specialized in biology research and drug discovery/bioprocess development services. As a Biotechnology Research Organization iBET acts as an interface between academic and private institutions while also creating and organizing autonomous knowledge and expertise. iBET works in a broad range of fields that encompass multidisciplinary approaches ranging from basic, technological to clinical and translational research. Our expertise encompasses the development of complex biopharmaceuticals and novel therapies which include vaccines, recombinant proteins and viral vectors for gene therapy, the development of in vitro models and methodologies for pre-clinical research and stem cells for cell therapy applications; structural biology for assisted drug design, research and technology development in the area of food and health with a particular emphasis in by-products and waste valorisation technologies; water, environment and energy nexus, and agro-forestry.

Main roles in project
iBET will support the Cruzivax project by providing expertise and technologies in the fields of bioengineering and process/product monitoring and control. Specifically, iBET will be responsible for (i) establishing the analytical techniques for Traspain characterisation, (ii) production of GLP-grade Traspain for preclinical immunogenicity and efficacy studies in dog and NHP animal models as well as for GLP-toxicology studies, and (iii) technology transfer to cGMP production.

Contacts: Prof. Manuel Carrondo & Dr. Antonio Roldao