ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH

Business activities at ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH are the development and production ofenzymes, microbial mixed cultures and other biotechnological products.The product range covers the fields of application food and feed processing, pharmaceutical enzymes organic synthesis, analytics, biosensors, bioenergy, textile industry and paper industry. Furthermore ASA offers services as contract research and contract manufacturing.Since the foundation in the year 1991, several research projects were carried out in the area ofenzymatic conversion of ingredients for food applications, pharmaceutical purposes and renewable raw materials resulting in new marketable products.

Main roles in project
ASA will be responsible for the production of GLP- and GMP-grade CDA for preclinical and clinical studies. Further tasks are the development of adjuvant formulation and the implementation of stabilitests with CDA and Traspain. Finally a filling facility for liquid forms of adjuvant and vaccine will be set up in order to provide all project partners with the necessary quantities of CDA and vaccine.

Contact: Dr. Arno Cordes