CRUZIVAX is a multinational integrated consortium composed of 3 Universities, 3 publicly-funded Research Institutes and 5 SMEs with access to cutting edge knowledge, technologies and expertise in commercial exploitation. The partners are located in 6 European countries and in Argentina. The partners integrated into the CRUZIVAX consortium have multidisciplinary expertise, resources and technologies enabling to specifically address the requirements of the project, guaranteeing its success chances. Their selection and subsequent inclusion in CRUZIVAX was strictly based on their scientific and/or technical excellence, as well as their excellent track record as “good performers” in previous networks and R&D projects. Indeed, most of the partners within CRUZIVAX have previous collaborations within national and international networks, which further demonstrate their capacity to work together in a productive and synergistic manner. The integration of their complementary competences and resources within CRUZIVAX has created a true added value chain, which will enable to maximise the output. This will enable CRUZIVAX to reach the main strategic goal and specific objectives of the project by successfully addressing all the project tasks and achieving the proposed deliverables.